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who is the girl? does she has a social media?
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Viva o São Paulo!
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Black annealed steel pipe, also known as black annealed pipe, is a type of steel pipe that has been annealed at high temperatures. This type of steel pipe is made without any surface treatment, so the surface color is blackened by exposure to air at high temperature, and the surface is not brightened, giving it a black appearance. Its production process is simple and it is usually used in applications that do not require high surface finish and accuracy. Black annealed steel pipe is made of high quality carbon structural steel as raw material and precision processed. The products are characterized by smooth inner and outer walls, high dimensional accuracy and uniform structure, which ensure good fluid transportation capacity and stability. In addition, the annealed steel pipe has excellent toughness and ductility, which can be adapted to various complex installation environments.Annealing process is the key step in the manufacturing process of this product. By controlling the heating temperature, holding time and cooling rate and other parameters, to achieve the uniformity of the steel pipe organization and stabilization of properties. The annealed steel pipe has low hardness and good plasticity, which facilitates subsequent processing and installation. In addition, it excels in electrical conductivity with low resistivity, which ensures the transmission quality of high-precision signals. At the same time, it also has excellent mechanical properties and high temperature performance, with sufficient mechanical strength, and not easy to deformation. It has a wide range of applications. In the petroleum industry, it is widely used in crude oil transportation, processing and oil drilling, oil field development, oil and gas pipelines and other fields, thanks to its high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In the chemical industry, due to its excellent corrosion resistance, it is able to resist the erosion of corrosive media such as acid, alkali and salt, and is commonly used in distillation towers, petrochemical equipment, fertilizer equipment and other important parts. And it is also suitable for the production of simple furniture, strollers, storage racks, agricultural sheds, play equipment and fitness equipment. Of course, the quality of our products is unquestionable. We have obtained KS, JIS and ISO9001 international certifications. And our production efficiency is also very high, with a monthly output of about 5000 tons. And the minimum order quantity is 20 tons. In general, our delivery time is within 31-45 days, and may be delayed if the demand is extremely large or special circumstances occur. For the packaging methods, we choose suitable package and reinforce for various steel products when loading and transport. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Zinc coated hot-dip galvanized steel strip/sheet is a kind of steel product treated by hot-dip galvanizing process. Its surface is covered with a uniform, dense zinc layer, which gives the steel excellent anti-corrosion properties. This product is widely used in construction, home appliances, automobiles, transport, electric power and other fields, and has become an indispensable and important material in modern industry. The manufacturing process of this product mainly consists of three steps: pre-treatment, hot dip galvanizing and subsequent treatment. Firstly, the raw material steel plate is treated by cleaning and rust removal to ensure that the surface is clean and free of impurities. Then, the steel plate is immersed in molten zinc liquid, so that the zinc reacts chemically with the surface of the steel plate to form a solid zinc-iron alloy layer. Finally, after cooling, deactivation and other subsequent treatment, the surface of the product is smoother and more beautiful, while enhancing the corrosion resistance of the zinc layer. In addition, the product has excellent anti-corrosion properties. The zinc layer on the surface can effectively prevent the intrusion of oxygen and moisture, thereby slowing down the corrosion rate of steel. Then, the zinc layer also has electro chemical protection, when the zinc layer is corroded, can sacrifice itself to protect the steel substrate from corrosion. Therefore, galvanized steel in harsh environments can still maintain a good service life. It has a smooth surface, uniform colour and good aesthetics. After deactivation treatment, a dense oxide film can be formed on the product surface, which makes the zinc layer more stable and durable. In addition, according to different needs and processes, galvanized steel can also present different colors and texture effects to meet the aesthetic requirements of different occasions. It is widely used in various fields. In the field of construction, it can be used to make roofs, walls, parapets and other components. In the field of home appliances, it can be used to manufacture the shells and internal parts of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other home appliances. In the field of automobiles and transport, it can be used to produce car bodies, chassis, parts and components, etc. In the field of electric power, it can be used to make the shells of electrical equipment such as cable trays, distribution boxes and other electrical equipment. Finally, the price is relatively reasonable, cost-effective, is the material of choice for many industries. The quality of our product is unquestionable. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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So Beautiful
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This picture too
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Love your booty in this picture in the others too but your butt is sexy in this picture