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tragedy, yup and yes
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why haven't you posted about 9/11? -
WW Avonymous
#wikileaks Iraq war: civilian deaths
66,081. That's one 9/11 every 4 months
for the last 7 years. No monuments. No
minutes silence.
I am aware that I'm probably about to lose a lot of followers but:
{9/11 was something tragic and hori. t should never have happened
‘because innocent people lost ther lives, and my heart oes out to them and
thelr friends and families
‘but no one ever pays attention to the thousands of innocent people who die
trom war everyday. No respect is gen tothe innocent people who've died Just
because they are living in the wrong country and the wrong time. No awareness.
's spread about the innocent people who are accused of having done wrong
‘and then kiled when in realty they ve done nothing but have certain beliefs,
lve in certain countries, or even have the wrong last name. No days are
{dedicated to the innocent people who's homes are ripped to shreds by bombs
and who's families are pulled apart by soldiers from other countries.
In all honesty, if there was a day dedicated to every event that killed an
innocent person, then I would post about all of them.
but, as horrible and cold as it sounds, I will nat give one event special priory.
‘but I wil say that my heart goes out to those who lost people on this day.
‘and I am very sorry if you all disagree with me. Honestly I am. But I can't help it
if fee! that the rest ofthe world deserves awareness too,